Spanish Language & Cultural Immersion in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2012
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Buenos Aires Tango Tour, February 2012
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Italian Language & Cultural Immersion - Summer 2012

Programa de Inmersion en New York, USA 2012
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Talleres de Conversacion de Ingles en Bs As
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Today, the limits between nations and cultures are swiftly giving way to a new global neighborhood.   
Navigating this fascinating and shifting world requires more than a traditional education.  Business
people in diverse fields already recognize that competency in foreign languages, coupled with a
multicultural sensitivity are key, if we are to successfully take part in this worldwide community.

At the Cultural House of Language, we are committed to this understanding.  Our comprehensive
approach to language instruction gives learners the opportunity to create their own study program and
experience language learning in a deeper and more meaningful way by also incorporating a social
component in the learning process.  Our social meetups, cultural events, one on one chat sessions and
cultural immersion programs abroad allow students to interact in the target  language while putting into
practice what they have learned in a friendly, stress-free and supportive social setting.

  • Private and Small Group Classes
  • Business and Travel specific courses
  • Fun Workshops and Conversational Meetups
  • One-on-One Practice Sessions at your local coffee shop
  • Immersion Cultural Programs around the world
  • On-site (home/office) service available
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